Fiona Stang, A Couple Years Later – Ekaminhale
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Fiona Stang, A Couple Years Later

A couple of years later, New York City, USA: Another "Guruji Last World Tour."

Back in NYC a few years later, as I touched his feet in gratitude after class, he chastised me, "Why falling over pincha mayurasana?" "Why not lifting longer uth plutih?" At the time I was mortified and amazed. Out of eighty or so people in the room, how had he noticed that I had briefly lowered my legs out of pincha mayurasana? I look back now and laugh. Indeed, he was right. Why did I fall over? Or, perhaps more appropriate- why did my mind fall apart? Guruji could have just asked me why I was still held by fear and the restraints of my mind. This was yet another gift to store away for future learning.

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