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6 Scientifically Proven Ways Ashtanga Yoga Makes You Happier (Updated 2019)

And one completely (but the most important) unscientific reason. Get to that in a second.   Put First things First When you start Ashtanga Yoga one of the first things that freaks people out is the start time. I personally start at 5:00 am but most of our students at Ashtanga Yoga School Jasper roll in just after 6 AM. Often times leaving a led class on a Friday at 7:30 before the world has even had a cup of coffee I ask myself - "what the hell are you doing this for?" . The answer is because it brings me peace, health and happiness. For most people the first thing they do in the morning is work. They are putting...

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My Mysore Conference Notes - Mar 9 2014

We had conference with Sharath last night here in Mysore, India. Each week he takes some time to teach us about different topics concerning yoga philosophy and also answer questions. It does feel like it's getting a little bit quieter here than in February but it's still really busy and the shala was packed full. Just 3 weeks left before he closes for April and we all head back home with the knowledge and inspiration we've learned right from the source. It's been a great experience and no matter what people tell you about it you really have to do it yourself to know. With these notes I try and convey what he has said the best that I could...

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My Mysore Conference Notes - February 16th 2014

Reading other students conference notes while I was sitting in Canada was big inspiration for me finally making the trip to Mysore to study with Sharath and KPJAYI. The conferences give some insight into our teacher and everything he has learned from years of dedicated sadhana and teaching. Being here now and listening to him speak each week is one of the things I look forward to the most. I've compiled some of what was said yesterday as I interpreted it. I hope it will inspire you to make the trip and experience first hand studying in Mysore. Apply early. Its busy here.  Build your foundation to create balance in the body.  Sharath started the conference talking about the number...

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12 Breaths - A Simple Breathing Meditation Practice

I learned this breathing practice from Ashtanga teacher John Scott. I've found it very helpful since you can use it almost anywhere and it brings you right in the present moment. I also find it shows that Vinyasa "movement with breath" can be done just with moving your thumb around your hand and therefore almost everyone can do it. Its a great example that yoga is not about doing complicated asanas but just taking time to come into your breath and body. 

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