Morning Pages and The Ekaminhale Email List Special Offer - CLOSED
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Morning Pages and The Ekaminhale Email List Special Offer - CLOSED


1. First watch the video below where I explain about Morning pages. The second tool you can use to open up and hear that inner wisdom.




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2. Check Out The Special Offer ONLY for the Email List

I've put the BEST SELLING tops & products on sale for you today.

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The first one as I mentioned in the video is the Gold Sri Yantra which is only for the email list and the teachers and students that have been helping along the way. Plus some of the other styles with the Sri Yantra.


It will not be available to you after this offer ends

"To make others remember what has been given to them is not education. The creative force which invents, discovers and begins something new - the release of that force is education. Creative force? That is the in-dwelling divine. Creative force results from the development of the Divine in us - including our bodies" - Okada Torajiro

The Sri Yantra means a lot to me because it represents an important principle that I've come to live by. The power behind that inner voice we hear when we practice is the same power that guides the universe, that makes the trees grow, makes the sun come up, makes your heart beat and breathes your body. When we create from listening to that voice we create work that touches the soul of others. The work is not for the ego but for the world. It comes through you but is not for you. The Sri Yantra is the visual representation of that force. The one that is in everyone of us.  And here's some of the teachers and students who have got the shirts already. 


 Then the second style top is the Ganesh Image and Yantra.

"I only do one thing. I live an artistic life" - Robert Rodriguez

Ganesh as you know represents being open to where life is leading you. He represents the orientation to life as an exciting adventure where we never really know what is around the corner but have faith that it will work out the way it was meant to. I often say "play the card your dealt" and that is for dealing with an injury, getting your heartbroken or having the people you have looked up to for years wear your t-shirts......enjoy the ride. 

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Before you check out the shirts a couple things.

I know shipping is always a concern so remember if you spend over $100.00 in the shop you also get FREE shipping. 

If you live in CANADA then you go here to shop on

These shirts are on the American Apparel Tri-Blend which has continued to get the best reviews from you all. People tell me all the time is there favourite shirts for teaching, practicing or whatever. 

There are limited quantities so if you don't want to wait (takes about 6 weeks to get new ones done) get it now.

Till next time, Keep Practicing...... Clint