Ekaminhale Organic Mysore Rugs Europe
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Ekaminhale Organic Mysore Rugs Europe

Mysore Yoga Rug UK


Ekaminhale Organic Cotton Mysore Rugs are now stocked in the UK for fast and affordable shipping to UK & Europe!

(Prices below are shown in US Dollars but shipping rates and times are all from the UK) 


100% Non - GMO Organic Cotton
GOTS Certified Organic
Natural Dyes  
Hand Loomed in Small Villages in India
Free Shipping Canada Orders $99.00 and Up


10% from every Organic Rug sale goes to Charity: Currently Mysore Foundation

Yoga First. Business Second. 
In order to create products for our practice they need to be done in a way that doesn't contribute more harm to nature and the people producing them. Our environmental policy outlines the initiatives we are undertaking in depth but to summarize:
We encourage few purchases of quality products built to last
We understand the supply chain of our rugs to ensure they are ethical and sustainable
Using natural materials that aren't harmful to the environment or the people using them
Educating ourselves and our students on way we can better help nature.
Giving back to Charities Like The Mysore Foundation

Student Pricing

You won't find these rugs discounted other than for volume purchases and.....

For a small piece of your time I offer student pricing for people who want to learn more about the benefits of Organic cotton, natural dyes and slow fashion. It's 5 emails and takes less than 5 mins to read each one.

At the end you will receive a unbelievable special offer. 

To receive the email series that teaches these topics with the special offer click the image below.

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