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Slow Fashion Series Promotion

Mysore Yoga Rugs

When I said I had to find a different way of selling rugs there were two conditions to fulfill

1. Making you happy with tools for your practice

2. Not screwing the environment over in the process

I've outlined some of the steps I'm taking to be more environmentally friendly.

Now comes to serving you. 

As I mentioned in the beginning of this series there would be a special offer on the rugs for anyone who took the time to read through the emails and learn what is really going on in the apparel industry. 

I don't do discounts as a general policy. It's only for you because you took the time to understand the big picture and for the feedback you've given me. Thank you. 

What I'm going to do is instead of 1 special offer I will give you 3 to choose from but the offer ends in 24 hours.

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SLOW PROMO 1- $10.00 Off

$10.00 off a single rug purchase. 10% gets donated to the Mysore Foundation, Free Shipping (USA), Lifetime Warranty all still apply 

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Purchase the rug from for 35% percent off.
Why would I do this? 
The reality is about .01% of people buying from Amazon will go through this email series. That's ok.
If you let other's know about how these rugs and Ekaminhale are doing things differently then when the Amazon customer purchases a rug the charities I donate to still benefit, the planet still benefits and I get to keep running this company and doing the work to make a difference.
That is why Patagonia is on there. It's giving people a different choice.
Companies that care about our planet need to be there as an option for people. 

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SLOW PROMO 3 - GET 2 RUGS FOR $159 (SAVE $41.00)

2 Rugs for $159. The reality is you are going to need at least 2 rugs unless you want to wash them all the time. Save $41.00 bucks off the regular price and 10% gets donated to the Mysore Foundation, Free Shipping (USA), Lifetime Warranty all still apply 

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