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Slow Fashion Series Promotion Europe

Live In the UK or Europe? Read Below

Live in the USA? Click here

Ekaminhale Organic Mysore Rugs Are Now Stocked in Europe!

Which means faster shipping for less. The prices you see on the website will all be in US dollars but the rugs are stored and shipped from the UK to serve our European Customers

Mysore Yoga Rugs

When I said I had to find a different way of selling rugs there were two conditions to fulfill

1. Making you happy with tools for your practice

2. Not screwing the environment over in the process

I've outlined some of the steps I'm taking to be more environmentally friendly.

Now comes to serving you. 

As I mentioned in the beginning of this series there would be a special offer on the rugs for anyone who took the time to read through the emails and learn what is really going on in the apparel industry plus the problem with synthetic materials.

Below you will find 3 Special Offers to Choose From on The Organic Mysore Rugs. 

I also wanted to offer you 25% off Remaining Ekaminhale Clothing but....

Some Good News and Some Bad....

First the Bad......Recent (as in Friday) restrictions on exports from our USA warehouse where the shirts are stored won't permit us to send to our European Customers. 

Now the Good.....I am currently creating the Organic Cotton Tanks that (fingers crossed) will be available this Fall.  This pic below is me meeting with the new supplier after Mysore. 

Just like the rugs we will have stock in the UK & Europe for more affordable and faster shipping.  

Since you have gone through this series you will be first to know when they arrive and also get a discounted price.

Till then check out the special offer on the Organic Mysore Rugs below......





Get an Organic Ekaminhale Yoga Rug for $69 when you purchase on the website.

5% of All Organic Rug Sales Goes to various charities like the Mysore Foundation

, 2 Years Warranty still applies.

Choose this option below

SLOW PROMO 2: GET 2 RUGS FOR $139 (Save $59)

2 Rugs for $139. The reality is you are going to need at least 2 rugs unless you want to wash them all the time. Save $59 bucks off the regular price. 2 Years Warranty still apply.

Choose this option below


Purchase the rug from Amazon UK, Italy, France or Spain for 25% Off. Why would I do this? Because I want your feedback, make sure you are 100% satisfied and then have you let others know about your experience and how these rugs and Ekaminhale are doing things differently.
The reality is about 0.01% of people buying from Amazon will go through this email series, that's okay.
If they are buying these rugs rather than another one, then the charities I donate to still benefits and I get to keep running this company.
That is why Patagonia is on there. It's giving people a different choice.
To get this offer:
1) Visit the corresponding Amazon Marketplace by clicking the link below
2) Use promo code EKAM25OFF at checkout.


Amazon UK

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain

Amazon Germany

Please Note: Because of The Discounted Price All Sales Are Final

Before you go.......

All the information I shared here took me many hours to put together and is all for free. There is no obligation to purchase my rugs or shirts but I do have one favour to ask:

Next time you do buy clothing or yoga products you will ask yourself:

How is this made? What is it made of? Who profits and who loses when I support it with my money?

It wasn't that long ago Organic Food was difficult to find. Let's make that shift with clothing one purchase at a time. 

Clint "Ekaminhale" Griffiths.