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Moon Day and Practice Tracker App for Iphone

Ekaminhale Moon Day App for Iphone

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Consistency Over Quantity 

I wanted to shift the focus of what a good practice is. Shift it away from what I did to whether I did it. 

The truth is that there will be times in our lives when we can't do the postures for whatever reason whether physical injuries or lack of time you name it.

If you just show up and see what happens then you have succeeded that day and you check the box. 

It's a simple app (currently just for iphone) that shows you when your moon days are plus allows you to check off the days you practiced. This works especially good for women to know when you took your ladies holiday.

There is also the option to purchase inspirational quotes to pop up each day for .99 cents.

If you like the app please leave a good review and if you have suggestions or comments email us and I'll make it better for version 2.0.