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Nature Blankets - GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Handloomed In India

"Let nature have an effect on you" - Carl Jung


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Nature Blanket Vs Yoga Blanket


When we first visited our Mysore Rug supplier to see the weavers who hand-loomed the rugs he gave us a "yoga blanket" as a gift.  

I ended up using this first blanket almost everyday but here's the funny part.

Never for yoga. 

When you practice Ashtanga blanket's aren't really necessary unless maybe for a prop if you're injured or for covering up at the end while you take rest. 

2 reason's made me decide to do a custom design and a limited edition run of blankets. 

1. We were using it all the time for the purpose below & after much use it's still looking great. 

2. The majority of yoga blankets for sale were plastic bag blankets. 

1. Using a Natural Fiber Blanket for the practice of Grounding 

DOWN TO EARTH from Big Picture Ranch on Vimeo.

 Grounding, also referred to as Earthing, is the practice of touching your skin to the earth. Possible results of this simple action include

  • Improved Sleep 
  • Reduction in Chronic Pain
  • Reduction in Stress Levels
  • Shift from Sympathetic to Parasympathetic Activation
  • Speed up recovery of DOMS
  • Speed up wound healing
  • Anti - aging 
  • Learn from the greatest teacher - Nature 

Sources - Dr. Mercola - Effects of Grounding

Before shoes, cars, modern housing & plastic blocked us from mother nature a large portion of our human lives was spent with this connection. 

Now with most of the world living in cities one of the closest places to feel nature is often public spaces like parks & beaches.

I found that to get that connection to the earth while making sure I wasn't also laying on anything I didn't want to from pet's or chemical sprays that my blanket worked perfectly and what was even better was that it had room for more than just me. 

Since cotton is a natural fiber it allows the conductivity of the earth's magnetic field to come through so you can be grounded (unlike a plastic bag blanket made of polyester)

 2. Choose Nature's Blanket instead of Plastic Bag Blankets

It seems almost every piece of clothing or fabric is made of polyester these days.

The problem with these plastic bag blankets is that they don't feel good, they block the earth's field and they aren't biodegradable so just contribute to the plastic problem.

Plastic blankets are usually are made by machines in massive quantities with polyester which is why they are so cheap. 

If you are on the Slow Fashion list then you know that I'm not into any of that. I value the nourishment nature provides to us and take steps to make sure Ekaminhale's  impact is as low as possible which is why the Nature Blankets are

  • GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standards)
  • Organic Cotton 
  • Raw edge design
  • Handloomed in Small Villages in India (not machines in factories)
  • Portion donated to charities that protect nature 

We do offer Student Pricing on the Blankets & Rugs when you sign up for the Slow Fashion Email list which you can do here


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