Mountain Mens Retreat 3 Day – Ekaminhale
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Mountain Mens Retreat 3 Day


 "The most powerful mechanisms in your body for anything are survival mechanisms" - Joel Greene 

What I’ve created is an experience to simulate the “signals” that would be present to our bodies when were hunting for our food.

Signals such as natural light from a fire, fasting, carrying weight over long uneven distances, boredom, cold, heat and feasting etc.

To get the most out a short period of time I am using a technique introduced to me in Joel Greene's book The Immunity Code called signal amplification.

We will use food and supplements plus environmental inputs to boost peaks and valleys of the fasting/feasting cycle.

Looks something like this.


Night 1 The Arrival 

August Wed 25th

4 PM Check in to Habitat "Biohackers Hotel" located at Folding Mountain next to our other property the Jasper East Cabins.

To check in visit the reception of the Jasper East Cabins at Folding Mountain between Hinton and Jasper.

They will give you a map on how to get to the retreat center

5 to 7 PM 

  • tour of Habitat Hotel and Yurt/Sauna space
  • dinner, intros around fire
  • how the retreat will work and why I designed it this way
  • get gear organized for next day
  • first night sleep in habitat hotel

Day 1 Suffering & Amplify AMPK 

Thursday August 26th

Today we will get cold, hungry and tired by hiking folding mountain with weighted backpacks and use food and supplements to create fasting signals. We'll carry maces to simulate weapons or guns. 

  • 5am to 6am - Coffee in the Event Room at Habitat
  • Morning Pages 
  • 6 to 6:30 - Sun Salutations (Short yoga practice Clint will guide)
  • 7 - Sunrise cold dip 
  • 8 - Breakfast 
  • 9 - Start hike up Folding Mountain
  • 11:30 Snack
  • 12:00 Lunch (packed lunch)
  • 4:30 or when we return
  • Snack
  • Dinner by fire pit
  • Bedtime sleep supplements (optional) & pre bed snack

Day 2 The Kill & The Feast Amplify MTOR 

Friday August 27th

On day 2 we will wake up before sunrise and walk down to the Brule Lake Sand dunes where we will do hill sprints in the sand. After we are nice and tired we will carry sandbags to simulate meat back to the retreat center. 

Then feasting begins - We will feast on grass fed beef brisket around a campfire (plus a surprise meal) then optional sauna sessions and or Nucalm session (NSDR).

Morning "the kill"

  • 5 to 6 Wake up coffee plus small molecules supplements (no food)
  • Morning Pages
  • Sun Salutations 
  • cold dip
  • Walk to Sand Dunes
  • Sprints in the sand + Dragging weights
  • Pack & drag sand bags & weight back to the habitat

Afternoon "the feast"

  • Feast - Chef Dean from the Overlander will have some organ and muscle meats ready for us to feast on when we get back to the Habitat. 
  • Deep Rest - This part is all about resting and rebuilding. Wood fired barrel sauna sessions, sunbathing, Nucalm sessions, sleeping


5:00 PM - Fire, Beers & Carbs - Mens Circle 


Day 3 Reflection

Aug 27th Saturday Morning  

  • Coffee 
  • Sun Salutations 
  • Morning Pages
  • Checkout


What to Bring 

All weather clothing - we'll be outside the majority of the time so proper footwear, underwear, jackets etc for the season. 

A weighted backpack or rucksack if you have one - if not let me know. (how much weight you carry will be up to you but you should be able to also carry your food & water) 

A blank notebook and pen

A camera instead of a phone if you have one. 

Water jug 


Phones (airplane mode) - We're going to take a break from technology so plan to be unreachable for a couple days.

Keep your phone in airplane mode at all times so you don't radiate/EMF blast the rest of us in the Habitat Hotel. 

You can use your phone for pictures but if you think the temptation is going to be too great we can also lock it up at reception.

For emergencies our front desk is open from 8 till 10 each day and people can call there to get ahold of you. 

There will be a waiver to sign

If you have any questions please call or email Clint.