Ekaminhale Email List - Not An Ordinary Email List.
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Ekaminhale Email List - Not An Ordinary Email List.

I know what you are thinking. Not another email list. The last thing I need is another email to read.

I couldn't agree with you more.
I feel the same way.
That's why when I created the email list for Ekaminhale I did it with one main goal.

Giving first. 

 When you join the email list you will get :
1. Chance to win a free tank top. We draw a winner each week from the people who subscribed that week. So if 50 people sign up you have a 1:50 chance. Pretty good right?
2. A 5 Part Email Series that I wrote on my own person journey using Yoga to HEAL pain.
3. Inspirational Interviews with Authorized and Certified Ashtanga Teachers like Mark Robberds, Krista Shirley, Jeff and Harmony Lichty, Petri Raisanen, Fiona Stang, David Robson, Laruga Glaser, Geoff Mackenzie, Greg Nardi and Juan Carlos and more. 
4. First chance to purchase any new Ekaminhale products like the first printing of Strength and Grace usually at an email list only price

All For Free

And here is what people are saying:

"I am receiving your mails and enjoying them to a full. Just wanted to let you know and Thank You"  - Erika

"Hi! Thank you so much to give me the opportunity to read the email you send me. I'm 53 years old and Yoga is the most wonderful gift in my life. Thank's again for sharing experience of Yoga." - Danielle 

"Hi Clint, Just want to drop you a note that I really enjoy reading your emailers-- and has been always looking forward to the next. 
Thank you for doing what you are doing:) Keep it going & have a nice day! Cheers" Adeline

I have recently subscribed to your email list, and I really love your site and all the email updates. It is super useful to get me on the mat in the early hours of the morning when I am practising alone (which is most of the week).
Keep up the good work. Many thanks
Valli Simpson

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