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How To Save Money, Cause Less Harm To Nature & Get Stronger

25% off Organic Mysore Rugs (USA, Europe & Canada) and Remaining Ekaminhale Clothing When You Sign Up For the Slow Fashion Email Series Below

I don't do discounts on our products to anyone but people on this email list which is capped at 1000 people.

Once on this list the only requirement to get this discount and discounts on future products (new organic shirts, pants & blankets!) is that you open the emails sent to you.

If the emails aren't opened you will be removed from the list to make room for another person.

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What you will learn in this Email Series 

1. How to make smarter purchasing decisions for your Yoga products that cause less harm to nature and the people involved in producing them. The current model most companies are following is called Fast Fashion and the one we are choosing is exact opposite. 

2. After reading the emails you will qualify for Student Pricing on select Ekaminhale Products and New Releases. If you aren't on this list you won't see discounted Ekaminhale products anywhere. The list is currently capped at 1000 people and as of Oct 19th 2017 I'm at 849 subscribers. I'll explain why I do this in the series. 

3. You will get a special offer on the Hand loomed Organic Mysore Rugs. It was from visiting the weavers of these rugs in India that changed my view on what we use for practice forever and why I wrote this series. These are "products" these are tools for our spiritual practice created by masters. 

4. You will learn how using natural materials works better not just for nature but for the practitioner - who is from nature. 

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