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Strength and Grace. A Collection of Essays by Women of Ashtanga Yoga


In Strength & Grace, established Ashtanga Yoga practitioners reveal how they have maintained their Ashtanga Yoga practices as they journey into various stages of life. Through the recollections of these exceptional women, we are given a glimpse of how powerful and healing the Ashtanga system can be when practiced with wisdom and patience.

This collection of essays provides guidance on how to develop and maintain a regular practice with an awareness not a rejection of the unique qualities of a womans body. It is through their words that we see the strength and grace that is open to all of us who show up to practice with devotion and an open heart. 

Strength & Grace is a project made possible by the volunteer work of:
Project Coordinators Alicia Beale and Derick Yu 
Editors: Tina Jeng and Susan Marino 
Graphic Design: Natalia Correa 
Publishing: Ekaminhale 

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