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Personal Yoga Retreat Package (Self Practice)

Personal Yoga Retreat Package (Self Practice)

$143.19 USD


  • Deep Restorative Sleep in the Healthy Habitat Hotel - more info on the healing hotel rooms designed by Clint here
  • Yoga - Private use of our Yurt or main shala your yoga practice.
  • Salute The Sun Session - Private use of the barrel sauna, yurt and fire-pit 
  • NuCalm Session - relieve stress instantly with Binaural Beats from the powerful technology of NuCalm - more info here
  • Trails right from your room - take advantage of the many hiking trails that are literally right outside your room like the Folding Mountain Hike 
  • Coffee & Journal - Drink ACE coffee or Organic Tea plus many choices of organic foods and drinks while you journal at our Coffee Shop and General Store located at Jasper East Cabins a 2 min walk from the retreat center - more info here

Many people may not have their own yoga practice. In which case we have three options. 

1. Learn the Secret Sun Salutations Sequence here

2. Book a private yoga class with one of our teachers here

3. Join a group class with this package here