Ekaminhale Interviews - Inspiration and Insight from Teachers and Stud
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Ekaminhale Interviews - Inspiration and Insight from Teachers and Students.

Inspiration and Insight.

Somewhere around the world at this very moment teachers are teaching yoga and students are practicing.

They are making their spiritual life a priority.

Their sadhana. It’s not always easy. They have bills to pay. Jobs to go to. Families to take care of.

Still they do it.

They show up and they practice.

And insights occur.........

When I approach people about doing interviews at first it was hard to describe how the Ekaminhale videos are different than a lot of what you see out there in regards to yoga. 

Then the words Inspiration and Insight came to mind.

For me it was always the most interesting to talk about the experiences or realizations that come about from having a daily yoga practice.

All these videos started when Derick and I just began interviewing the people we knew like Fiona, Greg and Juan Carlos, David Robson,  then seeing what came out. 

After sharing the videos the feedback we have gotten from people has been amazing.

We get people writing us everyday saying they saw the video with so and so and it helped them practice that day. It motivated them to keep practicing and show up.

It made a difference.

Every time I do one of these interviews I feel more inspired to show up to practice.

I hope it will do the same for you. 

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  • Kevin Brackley

    Brilliant taster, can’t wait to see the finished films,really enjoyed making my one with you.

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