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Northaven Retreat Center and Nature Spa

Jasper Event Room

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Habitat Building

Located at the edge of Jasper National Park, the Northaven Wellness Retreat also sits on the leading edge of bio-innovation and healthy hospitality.

Open to groups of all kinds, from health and yoga, to activist knitters, to corporate retreats, we cater to those seeking something utterly unique in their time away from the world.

Here, surrounded by mountains and forest, we invite you to experience a modern, eco-friendly, mind- and body-restoring, indoor/outdoor environment that features EMF-free rooms, yoga and event space, a woodfire-heated yurt and a rustic nature spa.

All within walking distance of our own critically-acclaimed Stone Peak Restaurant, Folding Mountain Brewery, and some of the best hiking and nature viewing anywhere in the world.

Unique in North America, our Habitat is a study in healthful design, for both you and the environment.

We began with the earth in mind, reusing seacan shipping containers for the structure of our two storey building. We chose stone wool insulation for optimal energy efficiency and noise reduction.

From there, every detail was planned to bring you closer to nature, both in our 1600 square foot yoga and event room and our dormitory-style guest rooms.

Finished with an Alpine Modern design by Laurie Griffiths, our Habitat space blends contemporary craft and natural luxury into a distinctive and grounding experience that will bring together your body, mind and spirit.


Experience rebirth in a space that feels as nurturing as a womb. Set at the forests edge and surrounded by wildflowers in season, our Yurt is perfectly positioned for those seeking a more fluid, nurturing environment. With fabric walls, every moment feels softened, and meeting in the round means never feeling cornered. Warmed by a fire, this is the space to choose when nothing else could possibly do.

Nature Spa

Borrowing wisdom from our Nordic friends, we have recreated a Scandinavian
experience in our own Northern Rockies home. Set technology aside and feel your mind clear and your cells recharge when you step into our barrel sauna, followed by a cold shower or plunge pool.

Feel the heat. Our wood-fired barrel sauna sits next to our yurt, against a backdrop of forest, and is designed to bring you back to nature. Release toxins, reconnect with your thoughts or banish them away, and then follow up by a cold and energizing plunge.

Feel the cold. By going straight from extreme heat to extreme cold, the body experiences contrast therapy, lessening muscle fatigue, decreasing pain and swelling, and decreasing built up lactic acid after an extreme hike or other exercise.

Feel at peace. If there is a more peaceful experience than sitting around an open fire, we have yet to discover it. Listen to the crack of logs, feel the heat on your skin and let the sight and smells of humankind most primal accomplishment return you to an equilibrium so easily forgotten in our modern world.