Ashtanga Yoga School Jasper – Ekaminhale
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Ekaminhale School Jasper National Park Canada

Mista-PeoIf you have gone through my email series then you know I practiced Ashtanga for many years along in my cabin at in the woods.

This mountain you see above was in view from my home and would prove to be the most important symbol in my life. 

This mountain and the teaching it symbolizes is the focus of my last email series which I am writing now. 2 years ago my girlfriend Franceska and I left Vancouver to come back here. It was a hard decision to leave Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver but as I explain in the series life had moved us in this direction and it was time. 

Now after the fourth trip to Mysore and Sharath's blessing of Authorization Level 2, we have started Ashtanga Yoga School Jasper and this fall will begin work on the Ekaminhale School which will be located at the base of this mountain. 

It was always a dream of mine to have a community of people to practice with here. To be able to spend the day in nature after practice soaking in the nearby Miette Hot Springs, hiking the many trails, viewing wildlife, breathing the fresh mountain air or swimming in the pristine lakes and rivers. 

Miette Hot Springs

In the meantime as we work on the school we have started a Mysore Program in the town of Jasper at the local yoga studio -  Jasper Wellness. There are classes going for local students regularly.

We also welcome visiting students. Depending on how long you are here and what you are interested in there is different pricing.

Jasper is very popular tourist destination with many things to do after practice. If you want to do a package with me where we work one on one for some classes plus some guided activities in the area like hikes and hot springs etc. please email me for details 

Look forward to hearing from you and having you come practice here with us in "God's Backyard" Jasper National Park

Clint Griffiths.