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Environmental Policy

Sri Yantra

Practicing yoga reestablishes the connection to the body and the breath that is lost through too much mind in our modern world. This loss of our primal instinct is one of the contributing factors to the decline of the natural environment since we lose our relationship to it and become unaware of how our actions affect it.

Through practicing yoga I began to understand through experience that the connection to my breath was a part of the same force that creates nature.

This connection to what some call God, Source, Tao or Brahma is the path to happiness, peace of mind, health and wisdom.  A conflict has began to arise in me since on one hand I have been prioritizing my life around experiencing more of this connection then on the other hand participating in activities that hurt it. The challenge is like most people is that you don’t realize you are doing it.

I believe the best way we can help nature (which people are part of) is by reestablishing the connection to nature within us.

Ekaminhale does this through primordial symbols and teaching breath centered Ashtanga yoga.

The activities we participate in while doing this should encourage practices less damaging for the environment and workers.

The first steps I am taking in this direction are:

1. Sell only Organic Cotton by 2017

2. Not to participate in fashion cycles but encourage customers  to buy quality products to be used many years

3. To only use natural dyes by 2017

4. To understand and know the supply chain of our products. To cultivate long relationships with our suppliers

5. Giving back to charities that help people and nature

Clint Griffiths