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Yoga Towel vs Yoga Rug. Why For Ashtanga Yoga You Need Both.

Learning through experience. There really is no other way. As I waited in the lobby of KPJAYI waiting to practice for my first time I read the sign.  "All students must have 1 cotton mat and 1 cotton towel. " Ok the rug I had. I had it for years. But the towel? What was that for? Aren't they the same thing? I'd already been practicing 9 or 10 years but the differentiation wasn't clear to me. Then not until Feb 21st 2017 did I understand the Microfiber difference. I had to write this post to clear up some of the confusion for visitors that come to this site when it comes to Yoga Towels, Yoga Rugs and the Microfiber Yoga Towels. Since...

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A Natural Alternative To Microfiber Yoga Towels

Oxymoron - a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction I would guess that not many yoga practitioners in the world who would spend their time Googling Yoga Towels to see what comes up in the search results. I'm guessing there are even fewer Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga teachers that also sell organic Mysore yoga rugs that would doing the same thing  In fact there is a really good chance I'm the only one who would care about such a thing and then be looking into it which is why I'm the only one who noticed one very interesting fact. There is actually no such thing Organic Microfiber Yoga Towel.  I won't keep you in suspense any...

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Yoga is a Life Path - by Sharmila Desai

Yoga is a Life Path by Sharmila Desai When we were children, my grandmother used to translate Namaste as the God in me welcomes the God in you. I loved to look at her smile as she placed her hands together even though I could not fully grasp the meaning of her words. Years later, it was only when I discovered Ashtanga Yoga, as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois, R. Sharath Jois and R. Saraswati Jois in Lakshmipuram, Mysore that I began to understand what the God in me meant. Yoga as a spiritual science connected me to a process of inner perception and living principles, cultivating who I am, and who I am becoming in alignment with...

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The Birthing of Shakti Sharanam - Annie Pace Interview Part 2

"To be in the quiet and to extract from their life and their phones, and their computers, and as much as they can do that. It's a pretty quiet place." - Annie Pace on her shala in the small town of Crestone Colorado. That was all in that era of like the 90's, I would go to Mysore and stay until I didn't have a Rupee in my pocket. While I was there, for these extended periods of time, of course, you meet people from all over the world. So it was a very informal thing where people invite me to come teach in the UK, or Europe, or Australia, all places in the world.I'd have some gig lined up...

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How A Modern Lifestyle Is Making Yoga Practioner's S.A.D.D.

One of the primary reason's yoga is so powerful is it's ability to bring peace of mind to the person who is practicing it correctly.  Some of the reason's this peace of mind is created have to do with what happens to our bodies on a physical level.  In the Ashtanga system we start with the most important postures first and gradually with time and the guidance of an Authorized teacher the body is exposed to  S. A. I. D. Specific Adaptations To Imposed Demands.  Since these demands are gradual, created by yoga scholars with a yoga education (takes more than 200 hours I'm sorry to say) the body slowly changes and the breath starts to move freely.  S. A....

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