Sun Salutations Practice for Beginners Level 1 – Ekaminhale
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Sun Salutations Practice for Beginners Level 1

The Secret Sun Salutations Level 1


Most people who have been taught some type of yoga postures have attempted the first 2 Sun Salutations. 


It might surprise you that even very advanced Ashtanga Practitioners who have been practicing 20 years or more don’t know The Secret Sun Salutations C, D and G.


Whether you will place Sun Salutations first in your daily life depends on what you value most.


For me it has always been my health.


If physical, mental and spiritual health are your highest priority then sun salutations will help you get there.


Below I will explain Level 1 of a daily routine that puts the emphasis on Sun Salutations above all else.


This practice goes much deeper and if that is your path then I invite you to come learn from me at my retreat center.


For the vast majority of you reading this post that won’t be possible which is perfectly fine.


Know that the  80/20 rule applies.


80% of the health benefits will come from this 20% of the practice.


1. Sun Salutation A


When: An hour before sunrise (The time known as Brahmamurta)

How: Repeat 5 times in silence with each movement matched to the correct breath which means you have to memorize it which means no screens or external inputs (Zoom calls, Computer screens etc, practice cards etc)

Why: We are turning our attention inward to our body and breath. External distractions like teachers talking make this more difficult. The time before sunrise is the best time to do spiritual practices because the world and the mind are the calmest.

Plus from 18 years of experience if you do it first thing in the morning it always gets done. You are also mentally choosing to put the Sun first in your life which at first might seem trivial but has massive downstream effects.

Tips - Light a candle and avoid any artificial light (blue light, LED, Screens).


2. Sun Salutation B (For People Who Can Flat Footed Squat - Beginners Leave Out and do Homework explained in a Moment)

When: After A - 3X

How: This is only for people who can do a flat footed squat and touch the floor with your palms flat, legs straight, chest on thighs in the second movement of A. If not you will have human homework outside of your practice

Why: Many people can’t bring their knees to their chest without prematurely rounding their lower back. This action if repeated can lead to back injury. Its possible to fix but requires extra effort and some individual assessment. I teach the human homework on how to fix these issues for paying students.

After A and B sit quietly on the floor and breathe.

For many of you this will be difficult without lower back and knee pain. Use cushions, blankets props so you are comfortable.  If you can’t sit on the floor with your knees on the ground and back straight then you have human homework.


After 10 breaths lay down on your back and rest for 5 or 10 Mins


It’s a fallacy to think that everyone needs to do an hour and half of yoga asana each class. It’s much better to do a little everyday with attention and in a way that you don’t strain.


Now lets get into the secret sun salutations.


3. Sun Salutation C (Circadian Rhythm)

When: Sunrise

How: Watch the sunrise grounded and as naked as possible for as long as possible but anytime is better than none.

Why: Sets your master clock which controls your circadian rhythm. [1]

There is probably nothing more important for your health than Circadian Rhythm. Watching the sunrise is the most important action you can take to ensure you have your master clock set.

Exposure to blue light triggers melatonin production. [2] Melatonin is a hormone you want to know about and is discussed more in depth in higher levels.

It will help you build your Solar Calus which you need for Sun Salutation D [3]

Touching your feet to the earth decreases inflammation and gives you electrons which will increase cellular energy [4]


4. Sun Salutation D (Vitamin D)


When: When there is UV Light

How: Bathe in the Sun to get your Vitamin D

Why: You will look better. You feel better.  You will have more energy and you will be stronger.

Tips - Don’t overdo it. Start in the spring and slowly work up so in the Summer you can handle more sun exposure.

Helps to find a dedicated area that being almost naked is acceptable. I set up a place at our retreat center specifically for sunbathing which I do on my lunch breaks. I always feel recharged and happier after I do t.


5. Before Sunset - Sun Salutation G (Grounding)

When: after work near sunset

How: Watch the sunset grounded with friends and family. This is one of the hardest ones for me but so valuable if it becomes a habit.

Why: So you sleep deeply

Tips: I have a digital sunset where I turn off all my screens (you need a landline so people can call for emergencies.

I generally go to the park and do some human homework while listening to music with my family and friends. If it’s winter then instead we build a fire and sit around. The key here is the type of light. You want natural light and the beginning of darkness setting in. It is essential to avoid blue light at this time which will shut down melatonin production


The Inward Journey Begins


After 17 years of doing Sun Salutations I’ve learned that what is missing from Yoga in the West is more important that was is there. Because a beginner can only see what is visible they don’t know what should be there but isn’t. The result is they don’t experience the same benefits, (mental, physical and spiritual) that yoga can bring.


For example in the above practice the most important part is not easily seen.


It is the alignment of your actions with your thoughts.


You choose to make the Sun the central authority in your life.


Few people would disagree (except Canada’s Health Minister??!!?! ) that the Sun is more intelligent than the ego.

All cultures since the beginning of time have acknowledged this.

The observation that our health authorities don’t is more than enough reason to suspect they are confused and heading in the wrong direction. 

By placing the sun first in your life you place less important things second. Like screens.

This one decision will have a massive effect on your health.

In my experience it is the most important step but it is only the beginning.



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