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Email Stories - Meaning Behind Appearances


- implied or explicit significance.
- important or worthwhile quality; purpose.


What lies underneath the surface or appearance of something? Is there more? Is there nothing?

What is the story?

Underneath the appearance of the Ashtanga Yoga practice lies meaning. Some of which I try to explain through my story. 

Stories have always been shared to teach. But to teach something first you need to have experience. 

I've been practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga for 14 years and through these stories I share some of what I learned along the way. 

In Series 1-  I teach how I discovered the meaning behind the Ashtanga practice, the community and the most powerful symbol in history.

In Series 2 - I teach the meaning behind exploring unknown territory. Why the loss of exposure to nature has resulted in confusion and injury. 

In Series 3 - I teach the meaning behind what products we buy and how I learned that from visiting the people handloom our organic rugs. 

Below you will find 3 Email stories that teach on different topics related to yoga and nature on both a spiritual and physical level.

All the products that are for sale on the website all have meanings behind them and uses for your practice. Nothing is just what you see. 

All have a story. 


1. The Meaning Of Yoga & How to Overcome Injury

This was the first email series I wrote and the one that goes out when you sign up for the email list. It details my journey from back pain that left me sleeping on the floor, unable to practice or teach - well my practice was laying in the shala breathing on my back. Through it all I learned how to heal myself with both a new physical and mental approach as well as the tools that only the Ashtanga system offers. 
You also receive all the interviews I do with the world most experienced Ashtanga students and teachers.

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2. Strong Foundations Email Series

How to practice so you build inner strength so you can relax.
We've all heard the analogy a million times that in order to build a house you need a strong foundation.  Going through back pain for over a year showed me through experience how true this statement is.
 I realized that my foundation - both in yoga and as a human had gotten weak.
It wasn't always like that. Before I had strong legs, a natural body and no problems. So when the pain started to show up in practice I had to find out why. 
What I learned was that when technology snuck into my life in the form of 3 specific things I lost my natural strength. I now avoid these as much as possible. 
I've written a free (for now) email course on what I learned and how it's helped me return back to full practice after months of pain. 


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3. Slow Fashion & Student Pricing On Current & New Ekaminhale Products

Learn How Switching From Plastic Towels & Clothing Will Save You Money & Cause Less Harm to Nature.

12 years ago I never thought I would end up selling shirts and rugs but I did know that I would keep practicing yoga. As someone who puts yoga first, which is the nature as the breath, I was shocked to learn what is happening in the apparel industry.

"The textile industry is one of the most chemically intensive industries on earth, second only to agriculture, and the world's largest polluter of increasingly scarce freshwater"  - The Responsible Company

In this 5 part course I will explain to you what I've learned so far, how it will help you make more environmentally conscious buying decisions plus how it changed my intention with Ekaminhale forever.

I "pay" people for doing this course by giving them a special offer on the Organic Rugs that is not available unless you read the emails first. 

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