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Strong Foundations Email Series - Build Natural Strength in Life & Practice


How to build Natural Strength in your practice and your life so you can relax.

I've really enjoyed reading your all newsletters. Your newsletters on your back issue have been really important to me.  My back issues have not been as severe as yours, however, having a daily Ashtanga practice has really helped strengthen my back.  I think having my Ashtanga practice is the first time I'm actually doing something to help heal and strengthen my back.  Hopefully we will hear more about this from you.  - Mark M.

We've all heard the analogy a million times that in order to build a house you need a strong foundation.  
Going through back pain for over a year and losing my practice completely showed me through experience how true this statement is for our yoga practice.
I realized that my foundation had become weak.
It wasn't always like that.
Something had changed which sent me in the wrong direction. 
The pain was telling me "not this way"
My task was to find out how to get back on track. 
I dug into what I was happening both in my lifestyle and in my practice that was making me weak.
What I discovered was that it was specifically 3 things had crept into my life.
3 Things which I now avoid at all costs. 
More importantly this experience taught me a key principle which I've been applying to everything to  for a healthier, happier and stronger life.
I've written a free (for now) email course on what I learned and how it's helped me return back to full practice after months of pain.