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Strong Foundations - Human Strengths Training


We've all heard the analogy a million times that in order to build a house you need a strong foundation.

Losing my practice completely showed me through experience how true this statement is.

I realized that my foundation was weak.
Not only the foundation of my practice but the foundation of being a human which my practice was built on. 
It wasn't always like that. Growing up next to the untamed forest of Jasper National Park I spent the majority of my time in nature.
Something changed. The Ashtanga practice revealed it to me. 
The pain was telling me "not this way"
I have spent the last 6 years trying to answer the question of what was happening both in my lifestyle and in my practice that was making me weak. How can I not only stop getting weaker but get stronger even as Im getting older?
As I write this I know I have a big piece of that puzzle figured out which Im going to share with you in this course. 
As I explain for in the first email there is no charge for this course at this time. If you are interested sign up here.