Ekaminhale Mysore Yoga Rug Washing Instructions
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Ekaminhale Mysore Yoga Rug Washing Instructions

To preserve the colors and maximize the use of the Yoga Rug, please follow the instructions below properly. Please note that we will not replace the rug in case of color running. For Organic rugs, please expect a little color bleeding due to the natural dyes used on the rug.

First Wash Instructions:

Add a handful of salt in a bucket of cold water. Soak your mat in the solution and leave it overnight.

There may be a small amount of lint to come off if you use the rug before washing. Please wash beforehand to avoid.


The traction of the rug gets better when the rug is wet or damp. Yoga rugs are originally designed to be wet or dampened by sweat during practice.If you find it too slippery to start just sprinkle or spray some water on the rug especially on the spots where the feet and hands are normally pressed.

Regular Washing Instructions:

Always wash the rug separately in COLD WATER. Using cold water helps in preserving the color. Hot or Warm water will contribute to the running or fading of the color. DO NOT use any bleach or strong detergents in washing. Always use mild and natural detergents or those that have color-care formulas.

To dry, simply hang the rug dry.

Machine Wash Instructions:

It is highly advised that a standard washing machine be used instead of the top-loading washing machine. There is a chance that the latter’s churner will pull the fringes of the rugs. Still, wash the rug separately and in cold water.

To dry, throw the damp rug in a dryer in gentle spin. After drying, you may use it even when slightly damp.


NOTE: We recommend washing the rug less and dry inside to preserve color. DO NOT leave out in the sun to dry as the rug may fade a lot faster. Ekaminhale will not replace rugs due to color running.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.