About Us - What is Ekaminhale?
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About Us - What is Ekaminhale?

Clint Griffiths Ekaminhale

I never thought I would end up selling t-shirts. 
Or Mysore rugs. Or books. 

I did know that when I first started practicing Ashtanga 11 years ago that I would end up practicing my whole life.
Ekaminhale came to be as a result of that commitment.
Exactly how is best learned when you sign up for the email list but I’ll give you the short version now. 

It's important to me you know the story because it's what makes Ekaminhale different.
One summer day in 2013 I decided to make my own tank top. All the yoga clothes I saw in the shops didn't appeal to me. 
They were about fitness and for me yoga was about spirituality. 
I bought an American Apparel Unisex Tank Top drove to the screen printers, and asked them to print a design I had already picked out on it. He told me they couldn't actually print that one because of the color so I had to choose something different. 
That's when the I decided to use the Sri Yantra. I had no idea at the time but I couldn't have picked a more powerful, more perfect symbol as I’ll explain. 
Then the screen printer said - Anything on the back?
Without even thinking - I said - "Ekam. Inhale."

At that point in my life I had already spent 9 years with a daily practice, 3 years assisting my teacher Fiona Stang at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver plus numerous trips to see other Ashtanga Teachers. 

As I wore my new tank top around Vancouver my friends starting asking me if I could make them one - so I did.
Then Fiona asked if she could sell them at AYV
Then I sent Mark Darby one 
Then David Robson some
Then my friend Derick and I started to make video interviews 
Then an email reader, Alicia Beale, asked me for help creating a book (Strength and Grace)....
Then my friend in Mysore showed me where to get some rugs made…..

And it just keeps going like this with only one thing that remains the same. 
Practice is first. Everything else after. 

And like all things in our lives when you put your practice first what follows turns out differently than if you don't. 
This is what makes Ekaminhale different. 
Practice has always been first and what you see is the result of that. 
If you have time, please sign up for the email list to hear the full story but if not I’ll give you a little sneak peek into each product I sell and the story behind how it came about in the product descriptions.

Clint Griffiths