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No Turning Back - Interview with Laruga Glaser Part 2

“I think that’s part of the practice. To be receptive of what arises within you. But you start to notice, there’s cycles. There’s cycles within your practice. There’s a time when you feel like you’re really building, building. Then there’s a time of a little bit breaking down. Hopefully it’s like an upward spiral and sometimes it goes down a little bit, then we build again. But I think when things break down again, it’s an opportunity to build differently. To build more intelligently.” - Laruga Glaser

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No Turning Back - Laruga Glaser Interview Part 1

  Laruga Glaser Part 1  I've always been more interested in the internal side of yoga. Well maybe not in the beginning but definitely the longer I practice its what I find like Laruga says below "keeps me coming back morning after morning" I'm sure you can tell with the focus of Ekaminhale.  One of the reasons I was excited to talk to Laruga was because years ago I saw a video with her where she said: [Paraphrased] "Through this sequence of postures - it forces us to transform - Ashtanga Yoga can be very deceiving in that it seems only physical - but really there is not way you could sustain yourself in this practice without working internally - using...

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