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The Seeking - By Mark Robberds

What would you tell your 30 old self?  When I asked Mark if he would write a guest post for Ekaminhale I wanted to leave the canvas blank. My intention was for him to write about some of his life experiences so that I could share them with the yoga community. When I first started to read what he had written it took me a second to understand what he had done. Soon I realized that he had written a letter to his younger self. A very personal and honest letter that explained the path his younger self was about to take, the challenges to overcome and the lessons he would learn. This post reads like a personal journal entry and whether...

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Yoga Practice for Stillness in Heart and Mind - Mark Robberds Interview Pt 2

The main thing is that I would like people to realize the happiness that is within them, and that they can experience that through these practices. For people not to get too caught up in just wanting more and more, and pushing and pushing. But rather to be able to sit still and to experience their bodies, and experience that stillness in the heart and mind that these practices are designed for. - Mark Robberds

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The Yogi's Way. The Journey of Becoming a Travelling Yoga Teacher. Mark Robberds Pt. 1

I never even knew who Mark Robberds was until I went to Mysore for the first time in 2014. He's from Australia and spends most of his time in the Southern Hemisphere teaching yoga, surfing and playing Kirtan. Yeah I know sounds pretty good right? Anyone who is on the email list knows that I was really inspired by Mark but not in that I thought I need to be doing what he is.

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