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Practice Advice for Moms - Krista Shirley Part 3

I think that's one thing too that practice has taught me through the years. We want to sometimes hold on to something. Anything. But whatever it is we want to hold on to, it never can... you can't keep it forever. -Krista Shirley There's many times I've doubted myself as a person, or as a teacher or as a boss, or as a mother. Just if I'm doing the right thing, or am I making the right choices. Or, can I do it better? But with the practice, that again, I feel really really blessed because it's never been a question for me. I felt like I've always felt out of place in life, sort of I didn't fit in....

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Practicing For Two. Krista Shirley on Raising A Little Yogi.

Krista Shirley Part 2 "I make a point at least one day on the weekend, like on Sundays, to practice at home with him, so that he can see that this is mommy's time and this is important and this is a part of my life and he's very, very......he's a little yogi. I don't force it on him by any means, but when he feels like playing around with yoga, he does and he has fun."  - Krista Shirley I'm sure you would agree that anyone who finds yoga in their life is extremely fortunate. It took me till my late 20's to discover it. One of the places I first started practicing was in Costa Rica where I...

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