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Ekaminhale interviews David Robson on Teaching, Successful Mysore Programs and the Power of Mysore

Here is the 3rd and final interview we did with David Robson from Ashtanga Yoga Toronto when he was in Vancouver at Chopra Yoga to teach a weekend workshop. In this interview I asked him what he loves about teaching, what he has done to make his Mysore program so successful (it's the largest outside of Mysore) and what his plans are moving forward. Read the transcript below or watch the video to see what he said.  What do you enjoy about teaching yoga? I love seeing the transformation in people. I love when people, whether or not they recognize it, it starts to become this tool for them. You can see that people come in every day and they...

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David Robson Interview 2 - How Yoga Changes Your Life.

  Ekaminhale Interviews David Robson 2 (1)   Here's part 2 of our Interview with David Robson - in this video he talks about how practicing yoga has changed his life. I was probably a fairly terrible person, you know. I was very irresponsible just, you know, searching, searching a lot. So hey, I spent a lot of time traveling when I was a kid, and usually, you know, I went to other countries. I would come home to Canada to work and then go away for a long period, like nine months or a year and then come back and do the same thing again.And then after a while I figured I was just running. I was always running...

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