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Moving Deeper in Your Practice - Petri Räisänen Interview Part 4

I don't even think people can practice ten years without moving deeper in a spiritual level. If you're not moving deeper, you probably you start to do something else because asana, it has a limit somehow." - Petri Räisänen Deeper Branches I even think that the whole Asana practice is partly just to make people to start yoga because so many people want to do this physical and become flexible. Most people doesn't think about any mental or spiritual reasons. But after practicing for some years, it easily becomes more important. I don't even think people can practice ten years without moving deeper in a spiritual level. If you're...

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Yoga Beyond the Physical Practice - Petri Räisänen Interview Part 3

I really wanted to change my life. I know, yoga sounds completely positive. There's nothing negative. - Petri Raisanen I've read Yoga Sutra before starting yoga. And I read some other Indian books and I had this feeling that there's something mystic in yoga. But I used to do lots of sports. I was playing ice hockey in a kind of high level. So the physical practice was very common for me. It was nothing. We practiced so much. But the flexibility was completely new. I didn't know how to use the body, how to stretch the body, how to breathe; that was all new. There was a time when I quit ice hockey, I was 17. Before I...

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Why Fearing? Ekaminhale Interviews Petri Raisanen Part 1

Petri Raisanen Part 1 I remember the first time I read the book Guruji. A collection of accounts on the life of Pattahbi Jois from his students. It gave me a glimpse into what kind of person he was and stoked the fire in me to dig deeper into Ashtanga Yoga. A lot of us never got the chance to meet Guruji but his memory lives on in the stories like these ones passed down from Petri Raisanen.  I had the great pleasure of talking with Petri this March. In only an hour I learned so much from him. I'm not going to tell you anymore just do yourself a favour and turn off all distractions and enjoy Part 1...

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