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Fractured. Putting Your Practice Back Together After Injury - The Inspirational Story of Kevin Brackley Part 2

  Kevin Brackely Part 2   "You know when I first came out from the hospital, I couldn't even lift my little mug of tea off the ground. So I think it's patience, perseverance. You also have to have, I suppose, a little bit of belief that you will get it back. You have to have the motivation to get back on your mat. You just need to do a little bit every day. And it's amazing how much of a mental lift it as well as being physically helpful for your rehabilitation." - Kevin Brackley.  Fractured Because of where the fracture was, they couldn't put a cast on it. They just put me in a sling which was trying...

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Standing Up and Dropping Back At 50. The Inspirational Story Of Kevin Brackley. Pt 1

  Kevin Brackley Part 1   "And that was a monumental shift in my attitude towards my practice. It gave me the belief that perhaps I could do some of this stuff. You know I watch people doing drop backs and standing up... I thought that's for... That will never be me. Not in this lifetime." - Kevin Brackley. Just watching this again today to get ready to post and I was reminded what an emotional interview this was. Especially Part 2.  As many of you know when you sign up for the Ekaminhale email list you get a 5 part series where I talk about how I recovered from a back injury using the Ashtanga method. What I never expected...

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