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The Spirit of a Healing Practice - Angela Jamison Part 2

"A lot of us Ashtangis, we're all or nothing people, and we got to learn to show up with gentleness and with a lot of presence and without expectation. Cause we will burn out." - Angela Jamison I went through ups and downs in my body that first 10 years, and I think not talking about it enabled me to process faster cause I didn't make a thing of it. I was already doing a lot of sitting practice so I can kind of see the way the concepts interacted with the tissues. And especially as my emotional body started to become conscious, I would see how much grief and pity and fear would come up around tweaks in...

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"Don't Fight. Your Neck is Broken" - Angela Jamison Interview Part 1

"Don't fight. Your neck is broken, and if you fight you'll be paralyzed." I had an instant physiological response to that, and became paralyzed. - Angela Jamison What does the term strong practice mean to you? Consistency. Commitment to action. Detachment from the results. Discipline, dedication, devotion thing helps, too. So strong practice is dispassionate actually on some level.

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