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Part 1: How To Build Strong Legs In Yoga So You Don't Hurt Your Back (Updated 2018)

If you want to learn how to cultivate the quality of strength in your yoga practice and not hurt your back, knees & elbows then you are in the right place.  The observation that Patanjali doesn't say a lot about asana in the Yoga Sutras leads me to believe what is said must be important.   Sthira Sukham Asanam Asana should have the qualities of steadiness & ease.  In my experience of 14 years with a daily asana practice the ease comes after the steadiness.  The ability to relax and breathe comes after the strength & foundation. In particular the legs. Hanuman legs.  Hanuman symbolizes the qualities we are looking for perfectly but both Hanuman and the Yoga Sutras need to be...

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