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The Other Side Of Falling - by Fiona Stang & Derick Yu

It is good to sometimes see the opposite side of what you normally experience. If you can experience the opposites, you can find the middle, the mid line, the still place in the center between the two extremes. That's a good place to find, and a good place to be. - Fiona Stang Derick Yu: I wanted to take some pics and footage of Fiona’s practice that day for the purpose of reference for an upcoming workshop. While filming, I started to notice that she wasn’t having the best of days (given Fiona just recovered from being slightly ill, plus the previous weekend had been hectic). It became obvious that Fiona was still going to keep on practicing and doing whatever...

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What Makes A "Good" Yoga Practice?

I hear it all the time. So and so has a "good" practice. So and so has a "strong" practice.  What does that really mean? What is a "good" practice? What does a good practice mean to you? Sharath has said many times that every time you get to practice it's a good practice. In this video excerpt from the Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver Documentary Fiona  talks about what a good practice means to her. I've practiced at AYV for 5 years and I know first hand that what Fiona values in a student is exactly what she says in this interview. - Clint "This is about showing up every day and just being aware. It's not an accumulation. It's a moment and it's...

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How to Practice Yoga In A Leg Cast with Fiona Stang from Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver

Fiona: Part of being a yoga practitioner is practicing through the ebbs and flows of life. Last fall, Tina showed up to the studio in the early morning hobbling. She had fallen the day before and hadn't been to the doctor yet, but we figured it was a strain. She went through her practice that day doing a modified . . .Tina: Primary series.Fiona: And, it looked quite different, because she couldn't basically bear any weight on her left leg. I got the text later on in the day saying that she had actually broken her tibia. There's Tina, showed up the next day in a half cast for practice. For the next . . . How long were you...

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Yoga Therapy - How to Practice With Tight Shoulders

When you've been practicing for a while sometimes you're going to notice that some of the ghosts of your past, i.e. old injuries, old little tweaks. Depending what you did in your life, usually you have to work through them and this is a normal part of practice. It's okay. Do what you love to do, but make sure that the practice is used as a therapeutic tool, so that if you're doing other things you're supporting your body. Francesca's going to share her story on what she did in her younger years of life.

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