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What Makes A "Good" Yoga Practice?

I hear it all the time. So and so has a "good" practice. So and so has a "strong" practice.  What does that really mean? What is a "good" practice? What does a good practice mean to you? Sharath has said many times that every time you get to practice it's a good practice. In this video excerpt from the Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver Documentary Fiona  talks about what a good practice means to her. I've practiced at AYV for 5 years and I know first hand that what Fiona values in a student is exactly what she says in this interview. - Clint "This is about showing up every day and just being aware. It's not an accumulation. It's a moment and it's...

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Ekaminhale interviews David Robson on Teaching, Successful Mysore Programs and the Power of Mysore

Here is the 3rd and final interview we did with David Robson from Ashtanga Yoga Toronto when he was in Vancouver at Chopra Yoga to teach a weekend workshop. In this interview I asked him what he loves about teaching, what he has done to make his Mysore program so successful (it's the largest outside of Mysore) and what his plans are moving forward. Read the transcript below or watch the video to see what he said.  What do you enjoy about teaching yoga? I love seeing the transformation in people. I love when people, whether or not they recognize it, it starts to become this tool for them. You can see that people come in every day and they...

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What is Ekaminhale Anyway? Interview with Clint Griffths the Founder on What Ekaminhale is all About.

Ekaminhale came about almost accidentally, I would say. I wasn't happy with some of the yoga clothes out there for guys. None of it really resonated with me. I was like, "This isn't what I would like," so, I was like I'm just going to make my own tank top. I literally just went to the store, bought a tank top, and then went down to the screen printers and then found the Sri Yantra and I got this put on. I made the shirt and then I just started wearing it around town. That weekend, I had probably 15 people ask me if they could buy one.  When I first started making the shirts, I was making them all...

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What is it like to be in a relationship when your partner doesn't practice?

  Ekaminhale InterviewsDerick Yu from Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver What is it like to be in a relationship when your partner doesn't practice?  In this weeks interview I spoke with long term Ashtanga practitioner Derick Yu about what it's like being in a relationship where his wife doesn't also practice. He also touches on how yoga has helped him deal with road rage and everyday life. Enjoy.......   Clint: You're in a relationship where you practice and your wife doesn't. How does that work? Like has it been a challenge or is she accepting, because I know there's probably a lot of people out there who have a similar situation. And some also have, their partner practices...

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How Ashtanga Yoga Keeps You Young

One thing you notice when you meet people that have an Ashtanga practice is how young they look when you find out their chronological age. When I first met Derick at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver I was amazed when he told me how old he was. The thing is that it's kind of normal in the Ashtanga community which leads me to ask the question - "Does yoga keep you young or does today's way of living make you old?" As with everything it's not black and white but multiple shades of grey.  My goal in life is to be as healthy and clear as I can in order to be a place to inspire, serve and benefit others. Ashtanga yoga is one piece...

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