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The Inner Strength of Ashtanga Women by Harmony Lichty

Ekaminhale is excited to announce the upcoming publication : Strength and GraceFeaturing essays by: Kino MacGregor, Harmony Lichty, Louise Ellis, Krista Shirley, Fiona Stang, Lisa Schrempp, Magnolia Zuniga, Pamela Luther, Zoe Ward, Laruga Glaser, Lori Brungard, Kathy Cooper and Sharmila Desai This project was made possible by the volunteer work of the Alicia Beale and Derick Yu (Project Coordinators), Clint Griffiths and all the teachers involved. In the this excerpt from the book Certified Ashtanga Teacher Harmony Lichty talks about the lasting benefits for women who practice Ashtanga. In the full essay, Strength and Devotion she writes on her personal journey, practice during moon cycle, maturing in practice plus developing a disciplined practice when encountering obstacles.  The Inner Strength of Ashtanga Women   In...

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The Inner Experience of Yoga – by Harmony Slater

  Atha Yoga Anushasanam Now. Here. In this very moment – we enter the path of yoga and the journey unfolds before us. As the practice of yoga takes hold, life begins to come into focus. The darkness dissipates and we see ourselves, maybe for the first time, in this new light.We are waking up. It is difficult to predict or explain exactly how this asana practice of Ashtanga Yoga begins to illuminate our consciousness. We begin to comprehend, at a cellular level, that yoga is more then just a physical or mental exercise… it is the very heartbeat of our existence. This practice finds us wherever we are -- As we Are. Like many, it found me both broken...

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