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Acceptance and Surrender - An Excerpt from Pamela Luther's Essay for Strength and Grace

Strength and Grace featuring essays by: Kino MacGregor, Harmony Lichty, Louise Ellis, Krista Shirley, Fiona Stang, Lisa Schrempp, Magnolia Zuniga, Pamela Luther, Zoe Ward, Laruga Glaser, Lori Brungard and Kathy Cooper.  This project was made possible by the volunteer work of the Alicia Beale and Derick Yu (Project Coordinators), Clint Griffiths and all the teachers involved. In the this excerpt from the book Pamela Luther talks about the importance of finding the feminine quality in the practice so it can be sustainable, healing and ultimately lead to lasting happiness. Her full essay goes deeply into what that means for moon days, ladies holidays, pregnancy and what Guruji referred to as the 7th series - parenting.     Acceptance and Surrender -  By Pamela Luther...

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