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The Birthing of Shakti Sharanam - Annie Pace Interview Part 2

"To be in the quiet and to extract from their life and their phones, and their computers, and as much as they can do that. It's a pretty quiet place." - Annie Pace on her shala in the small town of Crestone Colorado. That was all in that era of like the 90's, I would go to Mysore and stay until I didn't have a Rupee in my pocket. While I was there, for these extended periods of time, of course, you meet people from all over the world. So it was a very informal thing where people invite me to come teach in the UK, or Europe, or Australia, all places in the world.I'd have some gig lined up...

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How A Modern Lifestyle Is Making Yoga Practioner's S.A.D.D.

The computer machine analogy.  As soon as I hear it I cringe. I'm sure you have heard it before.  "Your mind is like a computer" or "Your body is like a machine" I used to use these same comparisons and the make choices based on them. It wasn't until I started to question some of my basic assumptions that I noticed how incorrect these statements were.  Your body is not a machine and your mind is not a computer. Those are man made mechanical systems. Your body and mind, which are not seperate but one, are complex mysterious organic living creations.  Why does this matter? I'm sure there is many reason's which I haven't thought of or noticed but the...

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9 Floor Sitting Positions To Open Your Hips

  "Unless ye become as little children ye cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven" - Jesus Christ. We spend an hour and half in our yoga practice putting ourselves into different shapes.  Then what about the rest of the day? What shapes is your body in and how is it affecting your health, mental state and your yoga practice? While there is plenty of information on the next way to jump into [insert whatever latest posture here] I'm going to talk about a part of our lives not discussed. Resting.     This post is part of the Strong Foundations Series which you can sign up for for free by clicking here  Jesus never ate Twinkies. Apparently there is a part in the Bible...

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Secrets To Reclaiming Your Flat Footed Squat For Yoga Pt 1 (Update 2018)

What would your body be like if you never sat in chairs? Like this     Not all injuries are visible. I was "injured" and didn't even know but because of Ashtanga Yoga I was able to discover it.  Luckily for the last 13 years I've been trying to put my body into certain shapes each morning which at times has worked out fine but then other times not so well. When I couldn't get into the shapes I made the mistake of forcing my body through them and hurt myself even more till I couldn't practice at all. If you want to know that whole story click here When I injured myself so bad I couldn't get out of bed......

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The Unconditional Love of Guruji - Annie Pace Interview Pt 1

"I couldn’t see but I heard breathing. It felt like the whole room was breathing, the whole building. There was something so primal about the sound, that I had again one of those moments. I want that, and what I felt was how ancient it was. Whatever I was hearing felt really, really old. I will never forget that. It’s been around forever, something about that. Then, your name gets called, “One more, you come.” And you just, it was like stepping into fire, it was a safe fire." - Annie Pace I had already been doing some Iyengar yoga and I had one very dear friend inside the corporate environment who pokes his head over and says “Yo, Annie....

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