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"Don't Fight. Your Neck is Broken" - Angela Jamison Interview Part 1

"Don't fight. Your neck is broken, and if you fight you'll be paralyzed." I had an instant physiological response to that, and became paralyzed. - Angela Jamison What does the term strong practice mean to you? Consistency. Commitment to action. Detachment from the results. Discipline, dedication, devotion thing helps, too. So strong practice is dispassionate actually on some level.

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The Other Side Of Falling - by Fiona Stang & Derick Yu

It is good to sometimes see the opposite side of what you normally experience. If you can experience the opposites, you can find the middle, the mid line, the still place in the center between the two extremes. That's a good place to find, and a good place to be. - Fiona Stang Derick Yu: I wanted to take some pics and footage of Fiona’s practice that day for the purpose of reference for an upcoming workshop. While filming, I started to notice that she wasn’t having the best of days (given Fiona just recovered from being slightly ill, plus the previous weekend had been hectic). It became obvious that Fiona was still going to keep on practicing and doing whatever...

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The Prana Is There - How Yoga Rugs Are Made (Updated 2017)

True story.  Bouncing through the Indian countryside in an SUV on our way to see how the organic Mysore rugs are made I asked my supplier “So how many of your 75 buyers come to see you and how your products (cushions, rugs, bags etc) get made? He said “One of my biggest buyers of 17 years has never been here. About 15 or so come to the office and then a handful to see the looms.” I mean why would they? It's not like they would be in India learning yoga or anything. It’s something that I see very commonly. Businessmen selling yoga products without a yoga education. From the surface it might not look like it matters...

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Moving Deeper in Your Practice - Petri Räisänen Interview Part 4

I don't even think people can practice ten years without moving deeper in a spiritual level. If you're not moving deeper, you probably you start to do something else because asana, it has a limit somehow." - Petri Räisänen Deeper Branches I even think that the whole Asana practice is partly just to make people to start yoga because so many people want to do this physical and become flexible. Most people doesn't think about any mental or spiritual reasons. But after practicing for some years, it easily becomes more important. I don't even think people can practice ten years without moving deeper in a spiritual level. If you're...

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