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The Secret To Learning A Flat Footed Squat - Strong Foundations Series Pt 2

What would your body be like if you never sat in chairs? Like this     Not all injuries are visible. I was "injured" and didn't even know but because of Ashtanga Yoga I was able to discover it.  Luckily for the last 13 years I've been trying to put my body into certain shapes each morning which at times has worked out fine but then other times not so well. When I couldn't get into the shapes I made the mistake of forcing my body through them and hurt myself even more till I couldn't practice at all. If you want to know that whole story click here When I injured myself so bad I couldn't get out of bed...

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If You Want To Avoid Back Pain In Yoga Then Make This One Simple Change

Why Extra Grip Equals Extra Weak Would you ride a mountain bike with training wheels? Seems kind of ridiculous right? Then why are you using a sticky mat? Or anything with "extra grip"? Just like training wheels the extra grip could be necessary in the beginning but at some point you will be strong enough to move to the next level. In this post I will explain how I adjusted the difficulty of the surface level I practice on so I could build stronger legs, feet and back and how it made a massive difference in my practice. This is part of the Strong Foundations Emails Series   *Please note this is not to be taken as medical advice or the...

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4 Components Necessary to Learning Yoga - Jeff and Harmony Lichty Interview Part 3

What you will learn from watching this video from Authorized and Certified Ashtanga Teachers Jeff and Harmony Lichty of Calgary Ashtanga School: 1. The four components necessary for learning yoga (or anything really) 2. How Yoga is taught differently in India compared to the West 3. What quality to cultivate to maintain a lifelong practice.  Ready? Click play to see the video

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Coming Back to Life by Lara Land

When does yoga really become useful?  When life get's tough. It's then all the practicing we've done gets put to the test. It doesn't get much tougher than when your loved ones get sick. Life threatening sick.  When I read this post from Lara Land about a recent experience she went through with her Dad right after reading it I made plans to spend time with my parents.  It's reminders like this post that can burst you out of your day to day worries to give thanks for what you have right now in the present moment. Which is really what yoga is all about anyway isn't it? - Clint   My dad came back to life two months ago. After being in critical condition for a...

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The Seeking - By Mark Robberds

What would you tell your 30 old self?  When I asked Mark if he would write a guest post for Ekaminhale I wanted to leave the canvas blank. My intention was for him to write about some of his life experiences so that I could share them with the yoga community. When I first started to read what he had written it took me a second to understand what he had done. Soon I realized that he had written a letter to his younger self. A very personal and honest letter that explained the path his younger self was about to take, the challenges to overcome and the lessons he would learn. This post reads like a personal journal entry and whether...

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