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4 Components Necessary to Learning Yoga - Jeff and Harmony Lichty Interview Part 3

What you will learn from watching this video from Authorized and Certified Ashtanga Teachers Jeff and Harmony Lichty of Calgary Ashtanga School: 1. The four components necessary for learning yoga (or anything really) 2. How Yoga is taught differently in India compared to the West 3. What quality to cultivate to maintain a lifelong practice.  Ready? Click play to see the video

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Coming Back to Life by Lara Land

When does yoga really become useful?  When life get's tough. It's then all the practicing we've done gets put to the test. It doesn't get much tougher than when your loved ones get sick. Life threatening sick.  When I read this post from Lara Land about a recent experience she went through with her Dad right after reading it I made plans to spend time with my parents.  It's reminders like this post that can burst you out of your day to day worries to give thanks for what you have right now in the present moment. Which is really what yoga is all about anyway isn't it? - Clint   My dad came back to life two months ago. After being in critical condition for a...

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The Seeking - By Mark Robberds

What would you tell your 30 old self?  When I asked Mark if he would write a guest post for Ekaminhale I wanted to leave the canvas blank. My intention was for him to write about some of his life experiences so that I could share them with the yoga community. When I first started to read what he had written it took me a second to understand what he had done. Soon I realized that he had written a letter to his younger self. A very personal and honest letter that explained the path his younger self was about to take, the challenges to overcome and the lessons he would learn. This post reads like a personal journal entry and whether...

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The Spirit of a Healing Practice - Angela Jamison Part 2

"A lot of us Ashtangis, we're all or nothing people, and we got to learn to show up with gentleness and with a lot of presence and without expectation. Cause we will burn out." - Angela Jamison I went through ups and downs in my body that first 10 years, and I think not talking about it enabled me to process faster cause I didn't make a thing of it. I was already doing a lot of sitting practice so I can kind of see the way the concepts interacted with the tissues. And especially as my emotional body started to become conscious, I would see how much grief and pity and fear would come up around tweaks in...

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Mythology of Ashtavakrasana and Bhairavasana - Harmony Lichty Series Part 2

  "I think that that's kind of a nice story because it's specific and that it's saying yoga's not about what's going on on the outside. It's not about how much you know about the Vedas, the wisdom and how great a yogi you are." - Harmony Lichty, Mythology of Ashtavakrasna One of my favorite ones, Ashtavakrasana and it's always like the pose that's all on the social media, everything. But really, Ashtavakra means one who's bent in 8 places. The story is that he was in his mother's womb and his father was chanting the Vedas. He was already sort of this very high being coming back to birth. His father was chanting the Vedas and he kept making mistakes....

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