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How A Modern Lifestyle Is Making Yoga Practioner's S.A.D.D.

Flat Footed Squat Natural Resting Position

The computer machine analogy. 

As soon as I hear it I cringe. I'm sure you have heard it before. 

"Your mind is like a computer" or "Your body is like a machine"

I used to use these same comparisons and the make choices based on them. It wasn't until I started to question some of my basic assumptions that I noticed how incorrect these statements were. 

Your body is not a machine and your mind is not a computer. Those are man made mechanical systems. Your body and mind, which are not seperate but one, are complex mysterious organic living creations. 

Why does this matter?

I'm sure there is many reason's which I haven't thought of or noticed but the BIG one is.....

We get stronger with use. Machines wear out.


S. A. I. D.

Specific Adaptations To Imposed Demands. 

I've been fortunate enough to experience extremes in life. The extreme environment pre internet, pre cell phones living in a log cabin with nothing but nature as far as I could see. The closest store 25 km away. 


S. A. D. D.

Specific Adaptations To DECREASED Demands

Ah the good life.....never having to leave my computer, my chair or my house. Order my food online, order everything from Amazon, pretend I have social interactions via social media. Living the dream. 

Only one problem. We're humans. And in the words of Bruce Lee

"things grow stronger by moving and gaining strength as they go" 

The decreased demands of a modern lifestyle which include massive amounts of screen time, massive amounts of extended chair sitting & a removal from nature (sunlight and bare skin on the earth) comes with it's consequences. It makes you S. A. D. D. 

Where have all the men gone?

I grew up a lot different than kids do now.

Born in small town just East of the Jasper National Park I was surrounded by nature. It was before video games, cell phones even answering machines. We had one of those phones with the dial on it where you stick your finger in to make it work. It would ring and I would pick it up -
“Is your Dad there?”
“Nope - call back later”
“Ok - click”
For entertainment my Mom would push me and my brother out of the house into the front yard and say “play”.

We would spend hours and hours dreaming up different games to play like Leprachauns gold, climbing trees, building forts. Just being boys. Moving in nature with our imaginations in overdrive.

Fast forward to Vancouver 2013 and here I am sitting 8 to 10 hours a day staring into a screen with massive back pain and can’t sleep. Depressed. What happened?

Now it’s so clear but at the time I couldn’t see it. One thing saved me and allowed me to see just how the changes in my lifestyle were affecting me mentally and physically.

Something 99% of people don’t have and this plus my unique life circumstances which I’ll explain put me in a unique position to see the true picture of what can really help people live healthy lives - physically and mentally.

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