Kali Yantra Racerback – Ekaminhale
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Ekaminhale Yoga Tank Top Kali Yantra
Kali Yantra Racerback
Kali Yantra Racerback
Kali Yantra Racerback

Kali Yantra Racerback

$49.00 USD

Surrender to the Supreme Goddess Kali and all things will be accomplished through the power of time, breath and divine love.

Kali is the mother of time and change. Her transformative love liberates locked negativity and restores strength of spirit. Meditating on the Kali Yantra opens your life totally to the energy of spiritual growth.

The inverted triangles activate the divine feminine within our five layers of human form.
Two inner circles surrounded by an eight petaled lotus align the energies of life and death cycling within our manifested universe.

Transform your deepest struggle into the blossoming of your greatest bliss with the divine healing power of Kali.

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Size Guide

The length is measured from the high point of the shoulder to the bottom of the tank top. The bust is measured 1" below the armhole