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Organic Mysore Yoga Rug
Organic Mysore Yoga Rug
Organic Mysore Yoga Rug
Organic Mysore Yoga Rug
Organic Mysore Yoga Rug
Ekaminhale Organic Yoga Rug Supta - Blue

Ekaminhale Organic Yoga Rug Supta - Blue

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Best Surface for Your Practice. Best For Nature. 

Ekaminhale Mysore Rugs are not just a factory produced product that is to be consumed then thrown in a landfill. It's for people who are returning to the traditional way of yoga and the products they use to practice. 

Ekaminhale Mysore Yoga Rugs are Not Made in Factories by machines. They are hand woven on looms in small villages in India.

We've gone there ourselves to see which you can read about it in the Mysore Rugs FAQ

If you are interested in learning more about moving away from less purchases of low quality mass produced inexpensive products and returning to high quality, durable, hand crafted sustainable products sign up for the Slow Fashion free email course here


Each Rug Takes 2 to 3 Hours to Make 

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton & Dyes

There is A 2 Year Warranty Included

5% of profits go to various charities like the Mysore Foundation

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Expect some color changes. It's like a pair of jeans they get better with age***

Rug Measurement

  cm. in.
Length 198 77.95
Width 70 27.56
Thickness 3mm

Click here for washing instructions