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Mountains & Mysore Retreat with Marque Garaux


When - July 22nd to July 24th 2022

Where - The brand new Northaven Retreat Center at Folding Mountain on the East edge of Jasper National Park. See more about the center here.

What - Ashtanga Mysore Style classes and workshops with KPJAYI Authorized Level 2 Marque Garaux (Instagram @yogamarque

Who? - Suitable for all levels and styles of yoga practitoners

What else? Sauna & Sun - After classes hang out at the Nature Spa with a wood fired barrel sauna, yurt and firepit or do any of the many activities that are close by like Miette Hot Springs, hiking or local restaurants. 

Marque Garaux, a US Marine Veteran, long time rock climber and overall outdoor enthusiast, discovered Ashtanga Yoga while seeking different ways to alleviate his lower back pain. After noticing an almost immediate physical change, Marque then slowly began to see other positive changes happening in his life as well. With no Ashtanga teachers in the area, he found himself with no choice but to get up early and practice with his wife before work everyday. During this time Marque also attended a 200 hour teacher training and several Ashtanga workshops and intensives to deepen his understanding of this beautiful system. 


In the fall of 2014 Marque decided to follow in the footsteps of the teachers that he most respected and applied for study at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI). Marque was accepted and spent the first 2 months of 2015 in Mysore, India learning under the guidance of R. Sharath Jois. Since that first trip, Marque has practiced with Sharath during multiple US tours and has also returned to India several times and has practiced under both Sharath and Saraswathi. Marque received the blessing as an Authorized Level 2 teacher from Sharath on December 12th, 2017 during his morning practice.

    Marque and his wife Sarah are the owners of Great Lakes Ashtanga Yoga which is located on eight wooded acres in Geneva, Ohio. They offer a full Mysore program, private lessons and workshops.


Friday evening

The Strength and Grace of Vinyasa - 5PM to 7PM

This workshop will show you the real strength and grace that can come from vinyasa.The vinyasas are simply movements that are linked with breaths and are used as the transitions between the asanas or postures. We will discuss the importance of vinyasa and work through the difficult transitions in the sun salutations and how they can  lead you to a strong seated series. In part 1 of this series we will be covering the vinyasas from the standing series series.


Mysore Class 8AM to 10AM

followed by the Vinyasa workshop

The Strength and Grace of Vinyasa- Part 2 - 1 PM to 3PM

This 2 part series will show you the real strength and grace that can come from vinyasa.The vinyasas are simply movements that are linked with breaths and are used as the transitions between the asanas or postures. In part 2 of this series we will be covering the vinyasa sequences of the seated series. It is in these specific transitions where ashtanga gets its reputation of creating powerful practitioners. Practitioners are not required to attend part 1 as a prerequisite although it would be advised for those new to ashtanga.    


Mysore Class 8AM to 10AM

Intelligent Backbends: The Healing Practice of Spinal Extension 1PM to 3PM

The way you move today, greatly affects the way you will move tomorrow. The average individual on any given day will move their spine into flexion far more than they will move it into extension. Our daily activities and gravity are moving us forward at such a highly repetitive rate that the soft tissues connected to the spine will inevitably weaken, at some point the spine will lose it’s natural S curve, and we will be left with a chronic pain that makes us want to move less and less. This is all avoidable if you learn to counter the movements of daily life with an intelligent and balanced yoga practice. Join Marque Garaux for an anatomical discussion, practical application and Q and A.      

 Pricing & How To Book

Click on the image above to see the new Northaven Retreat Center where the retreat will take place. 

Yoga Only for Locals or people who don't need accommodations - $194.00 + GST

Yoga + 2 Nights in the Single Dorm Style Nature Rooms at Habitat (same building as the Yoga Shala) - $514.00 + GST + Hotel taxes. 

For rooms that sleep 2 people or more we do have Overlander Mountain Lodge and Jasper East Cabins but they are all sold out at this time. Please contact me below to be put on a waiting list. 

To reserve your spot (14 avail for accommodations) email or message me on Facebook or Instagram Ekaminhale. 

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