2021 Ekaminhale Health & Wellness Events Jasper
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2021 Ekaminhale Health & Wellness Events Jasper



Mama Nature Retreat Aug 13th to 15th

a retreat for you and your babe(s) in the heart of the Rocky Mountains - August 13 - 15, 2021

Imagine a place where community is instantly created: a place where we come to know one another well, share the joys, the burdens big and small of the everyday, and sorrows + joys raising our little one(s), a place where we nurture one another, lend and accept a helping hand, a place where we mind the well-being of each other's ever-roaming children all while being replenished by the great mother herself. Welcome to your mama village.

Welcome! We will be adding new events and retreats taking place at the Habitat H at Folding Mountain. To get notified by email sign up here