Ekaminhale Organic Rug Warranty
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Ekaminhale Organic Rug Warranty

Our goal is to sell you product that will last years not weeks so we offer a 2 year warranty on our Organic Rugs (soon the shirts as well).

2 Year Warranty

We guarantee that the rug will last minimum 2 years under normal practice conditions. I say two years because that is how long I have been using the first sample I got for practice each day and multiple trips to Mysore. It's still doing great & I expect it to last many more years 

What we will replace your rug for free for:

Any manufacturers defects - please note that due to the handmade nature some inconsistencies in the threads are there and natural. We will not replace for these natural occurences.

If it falls apart under normal practice conditions

Please note that we will not pay for shipping costs outside of USA or Canada*.

In order to receive a new rug please email support@ekaminhale.com with pictures and an explanation. 

For Returns the customer is responsible for shipping charges.

What we will not replace your rug for:

If it is damaged by uses other than practicing like putting it in a top loading washing machine 

Color changes - these rugs are naturally dyed and please expect some color changes through the lifetime of use