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Journey Northaven

Located at Folding Mountain at the Edge of Jasper National Park

A mountainous setting, endless adventures and inspiring views makes Folding Mountain the perfect place to create unforgettable memories. With an array of options for Jasper activities, whether you’re searching for adrenaline infused activities or craving some much-needed R&R, there is something here for everyone.

Our habitat sits on the leading edge of bio-innovation and healthy hospitality

Northaven is for those seeking something utterly unique in their time away from the world.

Open to groups of all kinds — from health and yoga to activist knitters, to corporate retreats.

Surrounded by Mountains and Forest

We invite you to experience a modern, eco-friendly, mind-and-body restoring, indoor/outdoor environment.

Northaven features EMF-free rooms, yoga and event space, a woodfire-heated yurt and a rustic nature spa. All within walking distance of our own critically acclaimed Stone Peak Restaurant, Folding Mountain Brewery, and some of the best hiking and nature viewing anywhere in the world.





Unplug, focus, create. Studies show that even looking at nature can help our minds relax. Without it, the inputs of modern life become compounded and our nervous systems overloaded.

Designed to bring you closer to nature with a difference you will feel.

Unique in North America, our habitat is a study in healthful design, for both you and your environment.



In the whole of Canadian Rockies, and far beyond, Stone Peak Restaurant is second to none. With a panoramic view of Jasper National Park from our dining room and deck, and menus created by international award-winning chef Dean Hossack, Stone Peak features elegant, farm-to-table dining that highlights the natural flavours of all Alberta and our neighbouring farms have to offer.


Folding Mountain Brewing is the newest offering in our family of east-of-Jasper experiences. Featuring a craft brewery and an upscale-casual restaurant, this is the place when you want to unwind. Indoors or out, leave the world at the door and feel the energy of friendship and laughter, along with sips and savours, in this thoroughly light-hearted space.


If getting away from it all isn't complete without a suite of snacks, we've got you covered at the Jasper East Cabins General Store. Stocked with organic and artisan selections of salty and sweet, as well as a variety of kitchen staples, we stock everything you might need to answer your cravings.

About Jasper

Jasper, an alpine town in Canada's Alberta province, is the commercial centre of Jasper National Park. Amid the snow-capped Canadian Rockies, the park has glacier-fed lakes, forests, and rivers. The Jasper Sky Tram climbs to the summit of Whitlers Mountain, with views of downtown. The Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Archives presents exhibits on the fur trade, railway, and early exploration of the park.
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