My Living Room Shala. What to do when you have no Mysore Shala near yo – Ekaminhale
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My Living Room Shala. What to do when you have no Mysore Shala near you.

Don't worry I was home schooled too. 

5 Years practicing in my underwear in my living room with my cat watching me. 

First with the Mark Darby DVD and David Swenson book to learn the sequence. Then with nothing but breath. You do what you have to. I was fine. Sure sometimes it was really hard to be motivated but I did my best.

One time in conference a student asked what to do in this situation. Sharath said to hang a picture of Guruji on your wall and do your practice. (then go to Mysore each year) 

Practice, practice, practice. It's 99% right? 

When I moved to Vancouver for the first month I had so many questions. Tanya (my first teacher there, actually had to tell me to shut up). It kind of all just bottles up right? 

Since I started the Ekaminhale email list I've had a lot of home practitioners email me. I feel an almost instant connection with people who don't have a shala and teacher.

I just love it when someone posts a pic on Instagram practicing in their living room, bedroom, bathroom or wherever. It's like "good for you". You're doing it. Keep going. Keep practicing. 

Anyway I just wanted to say if you have any questions I'm here to help. I'm not an Authorized Ashtanga Teacher (yet;) but I have been practicing and teaching for over 11 years plus have teachers I can reach out to for answers. 

At the moment I am doing calls for FREE.  If you want to hop on the phone just shoot me an email and we can set up a time. 

Keep practicing.

Clint "Home schooled" Griffiths.