Ganesh Yantra Women's Racerback – Ekaminhale
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Ekaminhale Yoga Tank Top Ganesh Yantra
Ekaminhale Yoga Tank Top

Ganesh Yantra Women's Racerback

$49.00 USD

Remove obstacles, heighten focus and accomplish your goals with the help of Lord Ganesha.

Ganesh is the god of success, wisdom and wealth. The Ganesh Yantra infuses those who use it with intelligence, confidence and positive vibes to aid in all new undertakings. He is the destroyer of blockages, selfishness and pride–and is honored first in all rituals, journeys and work endeavors.

The Shatokona (intersecting triangles) represent spiritual and material harmony. The surrounding triangle encased by the inner circle hold the fire of transformative energy in balance within creative water energy. Attract auspicious luck, manifest power and break barriers with the cosmic energy and blessings of Ganesha.

A yantra is an instrument used to focus the mind on spiritual concepts. 

Printed on American Apparel Tri Blend. Soft and Comfortable.

Size Guide

The length is measured from the high point of the shoulder to the bottom of the tank top. The bust is 1" below the armhole.