Ekaminhale Organic Mysore Yoga Rugs
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Ekaminhale Organic Mysore Yoga Rugs


Ekaminhale Organic Mysore Yoga Rugs

A Return to Traditional Methods that Will Benefit You In Your Practice & Cause Less Harm To Nature. 

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Most Natural. Highest Quality. Free Shipping*

100% Organic Cotton
GOTS Certified Organic
Free Shipping USA Orders $99.00 and Up
Shipped in Recycled Carboard Boxes

Microfiber Pollution & Environmental Responsibility

Stop contributing to Microfiber Pollution by using natural materials for practice. Most Yoga Towels are made of synthetic materials that when washed release into the water and end up in the oceans. To learn more about what is happening read the blog post

A Natural Alternative To Microfiber Yoga Towels

In order to create products for our practice they need to be done in a way that doesn't contribute to more harm to nature and the people producing them. Our environmental policy outlines the initiatives we are undertaking in depth but to summarize:
We give back. I donate 10% from every Organic Rug sale to The Mysore Foundation
We encourage few purchases of quality products built to last
We understand the supply chain of our rugs to ensure they are ethical and sustainable
Using natural materials that aren't harmful to the environment or the people using them
Educating ourselves and our students on way we can better help nature.

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