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Modifications for Practicing Yoga With Back Pain

  Fiona: Part of being a Yoga Practitioner is learning how to practice through the absent Flows of life and we all have moments where things are weak or our bodies are not quite behaving exactly as we might like to, and also our mind many times. These are the times when we have to resource ourselves in our practice. If you’re going through an injury and it’s so common for students not to show up and stop practicing, but this is when you need practice the most. And through the Vinyasa, through the breath- blood circulation happens, and it’s this circulation has very healing for the body. Clint is gonna tell his story of when his back- hit a...

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The Yogi's Herb Guide - My Top Supplements for Energy, Recovery, Longevity And Peace of Mind.

I've probably been annoying some people here in Mysore at the coconut stand after practice talking about herbs. I can't help it. I read about them, test them out and then just want to let everyone know.  Take turmeric for example.  My body feels so much better when taking it. Turmeric is a super powerful anti-inflammatory and there is a good chance it will help prevent Alzheimers. In fact India has one of the lowest rates of Alzheimers disease and they believe one of the reason's could be the large amount of turmeric in the diet. I tell everyone I can to get on it. Obviously there is a lot more to staying healthy than just taking one supplement but it's actually way...

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The Biggest Lesson Ashtanga Has Taught Me So Far - Interview 2 with Clint Griffiths

    Before I started practicing, my lifestyle was very much one, I guess it was kind of standard, like Canadian-American guy lifestyle. But I was always very physical, into types of sports like snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking. I always loved being active.I heard about yoga as a type of, what I thought was just exercise, and I was trying to look at different forms of things that I could do to stay healthy. Actually, I was in Edmonton one day and I was walking past a yoga studio, and it said Ashtanga Yoga. I thought it was just a regular class. I went in there and it was Rameen Peyrow. He was running the Ashtanga program in Edmonton...

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What is Ekaminhale Anyway? Interview with Clint Griffths the Founder on What Ekaminhale is all About.

Ekaminhale came about almost accidentally, I would say. I wasn't happy with some of the yoga clothes out there for guys. None of it really resonated with me. I was like, "This isn't what I would like," so, I was like I'm just going to make my own tank top. I literally just went to the store, bought a tank top, and then went down to the screen printers and then found the Sri Yantra and I got this put on. I made the shirt and then I just started wearing it around town. That weekend, I had probably 15 people ask me if they could buy one.  When I first started making the shirts, I was making them all...

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