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David Robson Interview 2 - How Yoga Changes Your Life.

  Ekaminhale Interviews David Robson 2 (1)   Here's part 2 of our Interview with David Robson - in this video he talks about how practicing yoga has changed his life. I was probably a fairly terrible person, you know. I was very irresponsible just, you know, searching, searching a lot. So hey, I spent a lot of time traveling when I was a kid, and usually, you know, I went to other countries. I would come home to Canada to work and then go away for a long period, like nine months or a year and then come back and do the same thing again.And then after a while I figured I was just running. I was always running...

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Authorized Level II Ashtanga Teacher Geoff Mackenzie on Practicing in Mysore, Asana and Teaching Yoga

  When I first moved to Vancouver about 4 or 5 years ago now Geoff was teaching at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver. I really appreciated learning from him. Since then Geoff has ran the Mysore program on and off at Babylon Yoga in Vancouver. He has also travelled to places like Whitehorse, Edmonton and Spain to help run other shalas Mysore classes while their teachers went to India. I caught up with him this summer after he has just returned from Mysore and a special class that Sharath had offered only for teachers. Here's what he had to say........ On Practicing in Mysore Geoff Mackenzie: That institute, that room (KPJAYI) is charged with prana. So I think...

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What is it like to be in a relationship when your partner doesn't practice?

  Ekaminhale InterviewsDerick Yu from Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver What is it like to be in a relationship when your partner doesn't practice?  In this weeks interview I spoke with long term Ashtanga practitioner Derick Yu about what it's like being in a relationship where his wife doesn't also practice. He also touches on how yoga has helped him deal with road rage and everyday life. Enjoy.......   Clint: You're in a relationship where you practice and your wife doesn't. How does that work? Like has it been a challenge or is she accepting, because I know there's probably a lot of people out there who have a similar situation. And some also have, their partner practices...

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Turmeric - 6 Reasons It's Essential for Healthy Body and Mind

Did you know that in India they have one of the lowest rates of dementia in the world?  It's believed that the reason is the high amount of turmeric in the Indian diet.  With the World Health Organization predicting by 2050 that cases of dementia are going to triple it's clear that we need to change how we live and what we eat if we want to maintain our health.[1] As yogis we have already taken the first step by doing our yoga but it's only one piece of the puzzle. The modern world presents new challenges that the yogis before us never faced and a large majority of these are a result of the modern lifestyle and diet. Although there...

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