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How Ashtanga Yoga Keeps You Young

One thing you notice when you meet people that have an Ashtanga practice is how young they look when you find out their chronological age. When I first met Derick at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver I was amazed when he told me how old he was. The thing is that it's kind of normal in the Ashtanga community which leads me to ask the question - "Does yoga keep you young or does today's way of living make you old?" As with everything it's not black and white but multiple shades of grey.  My goal in life is to be as healthy and clear as I can in order to be a place to inspire, serve and benefit others. Ashtanga yoga is one piece...

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Travels and Trikonasanas: 5 tips to help you stay on the mat whilst travelling

 Ask any Ashtanga Yoga practitioner what they think of the practice and I guarantee the word “tough” would be somewhere on their list. As well as the amazing therapeutic offerings, this practice demands a certain discipline because, traditionally, it should be practiced 6 days a week. Even under normal circumstances this commitment is enough to turn some people away. And with good reason. The general challenges of life, like balancing work schedules with family, whilst still maintaining some form of social life can take precedence over the practice. But what about travel? At first glance, travelling should offer more freedom to practice and less of the day-to-day stresses distracting you from getting on your mat. However, it can be much...

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How I healed my Injury with Ashtanga Yoga

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging - Joseph Campbell   Heres a truth that many people can relate to - Practice yoga long enough and there's a pretty good chance you'll have to go through an injury. Whether you get it from actually practicing or just living your life outside the practice, it's bound to happen at some point. The reality is that if you are alive long enough you are going to go through some ups and downs, some bumps and scrapes.  It's a part of life. So when the injury comes the real question is "what will you do next?".   I've found myself in this place a few times over...

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